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2020 Secondary Scholarship Recipients 

A special thank you to Michelle Higgins  and her selection committee:  

Erin Anders, Ellen Anderson, Helen Brownell, Shauna Carette,  Tracii Hickman, Karen Hindman, DC Osborne, Kay Schisler, Amanda Trejo-Perez, Kate Venneri & Ursula Volwiler

Congratulations to these inspiring recipients of our 2020 Scholarships  

AAUW – Walla Walla Secondary Scholarship (2020)      

Michelle Brooks, Erica Burmood, Esmerelda Reynoso, Lindsey Tebeck

Each of these recipients will use their $2500 scholarship to resume their college education, after experiencing an interruption or hardship.

AAUW – Walla Walla STEM Horizons Scholarship (2020)          

Cynthia Montalvo  & Nicole Hamada

Each of these recipients will use their $2500 scholarship to continue their college education after declaring their established science-based major.   (Declared STEM Major)

2019 Branch Secondary Scholarship recipients

A huge congratulations goes out to these deserving recipients:

Ana Angel-Ortega, Torrin Helbling, Katelyn Huesby, Cynthia Montalvo, Kristin Pretorius, and Makya Theis