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AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Great Explorations event. As of 3/3/17 all classes are filled and registration is closed. The next Great Explorations STEM Adventure will be March 2019.


Families in the WWPS or CPSD school districts will receive a registration form in the mail in early February. Forms will also be handed out to 5-8th grade girls in all surrounding school districts plus WWPS and CPSD districts. Forms will also be available at the YWCA in mid Feb and also online at http://wallawalla-wa.aauw.net/ in mid-Feb.

All registration forms plus $5 fee are either mailed to Carol at the address on the registration form or can be dropped off at the YWCA. Classes are generally assigned in the order that registrations are received. Please contact Carol at pcmorgan@charter.net if you need additional information.

2017 Scholarship Information

Applications are due in early March 2017.Check back for more information as the date gets closer.

Drones, Multi-Copters, & Unmanned Aircraft: The Future of Flight

Twenty-five Hispanic 7th & 8th grade girls from Pioneer and Garrison Middle Schools’ 21st CCLC after school FORWARD initiative participated in a 5 week aviation program focused on the design, creation, and operation of multi-copters (a.k.a. drones). This program ultimately challenged the girls to work in small group teams to complete one of several different tasks: build and fly a multi-level hexacopter (6 propellers), fly a pre-designed quadcopter to designated way-points (i.e. popping balloons), build a quadcopter out of completely new & original materials, and/or fly freestyle. These challenges were demonstrated before a live audience of parents, WWPS staff, and community members. The final results were mixed, but every single girl was successful in defining and pursuing their objective with determination and resiliency. Eager to try again and improve upon their designs and results, the girls are already asking about next year’s club. Congratulations to these students; they are on the forefront of future aviation!

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